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Under Pressure

Overcoming Seasons of Stress with Biblical Wisdom


God has given you one life and filled it with resources—time, health, finances, relationships, influence, and more. How you steward these resources will determine whether you successfully fulfill God’s eternal purpose for your life.


This book will take you on a personal stewardship journey, equipping you to live effectively and biblically. It will challenge and equip you to strategically invest your most valuable resources for God's eternal purposes.


For the most part, we dislike pressure. But what if God intended for the pressures of life to conform us into His image? What if God wants us to see pressure as an opportunity to grow closer to Him?


Thankfully, God not only desires that we learn how to navigate stress with wisdom, but He has given us practical principles in His Word to apply to every stress-filled situation we deal with. Whether you’re walking through a tough family situation, a financial struggle, or any other of the many pressures of life, this book will give you biblical wisdom and hope.


Through these pages, be encouraged, renewed, and equipped to respond to life's pressure with biblical wisdom and grace.

Under Pressure

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